Bill Woodson founded Forward Motion Management Consulting in 2005. A seasoned corporate professional with over 20 years of private and public sector experience, Woodson brings keen diagnostic and problem solving skills developed from years of experience managing projects and leading teams. A hallmark of his work is a passionate belief that honoring and engaging the full range of capabilities and passions of diverse team members and customers is not only morally right, but also leads to superior performance and sustainable advantage.

Our Competitive Advantage:

  • Partnerships: We can leverage and bring to bear expertise from a broad range of related disciplines, including industrial relations, employment law, conflict management, executive coaching, diversity impact metrics; and have built our own expertise on the foundations and key principles of diversity thought leaders, including R. Roosevelt Thomas, James O. Rodgers, and Merlin Pope.
  • Customized solutions: Engagement plans reflect the specific needs of each client. We don’t force fit clients into boilerplate, off-the-shelf solutions
  • Bias towards action: Engagements are designed to have specific objectives, and defined “exit strategies”
  • A unique combination of Corporate, Consumer Retail, and Public Sector experience, from which we are able to bring a wealth of Best Practices to bear on wide range of organizational challenges and opportunities.

What We Do

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“We believe strong diversity management capabilities drive organizational success. Organizations that can effectively harness diverse talents and serve diverse markets will consistently outperform organizations that cannot.”
  • Over 20 years of Professional Experience
  • Consulting experience with corporations, non-profits, and educational organizations of all sizes
  • Active in community service
  • Graduate of Brown University; Masters in Business (Michigan), and City and Regional Planning (Harvard)